Boarding your cat

We have two catteries which are both fully double-glazed and well away from our canine guests. The catteries are very peaceful, light, bright and warm. Each cat has its own double height run to explore and settle in to. All of our cat runs are large enough for two cats to share from the same family. We also have a family pen which can house three cats very comfortably.


We try our very best to match your cat’s routine as much as we can. We stock large varieties of branded foods both wet and dry. We can also feed the cats as many meals as they are used to at home. If your cat is on a special diet, either prescription or home cooked or something different you can bring this with you and we will make sure your cat gets his usual menu.

Happy cats

We offer many different types of bedding and toys for our guests but please feel free to bring along any of your cat’s favourites to make them feel more at home.

We understand how much love, affection and attention cats want and need which is why we are always with our guests to make sure they are as happy as they could possibly be. We stock a variety of favourite treats which are given daily or on your request.